Saturday 29 September 2018

The One Dollar System

Are you tired of clicking on ads and surfing ads for pennies??

Please do not ignore this page as this is going to show you the way of earning in MILLIONS!!!

I do not want to waste your time by telling stories, Showing testimonials or filling this page to get attraction..

Just 3 Simple steps and you are on your way to EARN UNLIMITED  MONEY.

Just take 5 minutes of your time and go through the page fully and understand

To Start You Need 4 Things:

  1. Paypal Account ( To Receive Unlimited $1 )
  2. E mail Address
  3. $1
  4. Passion to Earn Millions
Now you are Ready to earn unlimited Money by just following these 3 simple steps

NOTE: You will get results only if you follow the Instructions Honestly..

By the next few weeks you will be making unbelievable profits for following these 3 simple steps


If you do not have a paypal account then click the link and open an account in Paypal, It hardly takes 2 to 3 Minutes


Deposit $1 to the First Email address in the list from your Paypal account ( Refer "SEND MONEY" in Paypal page for making the payment.. Please be sure to mention in Add A Note as ''PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST'' as this makes this Legal )



After making the payment of $1 to the first Email address in the list above,
Now you have to follow the simple final steps to start your earnings.

  1. Now you have to copy and paste this whole page in ms word
  2. Edit the Email list above, Remove the #1 Email address for which you made the payment of $1
  3. Move the #2 Email address to #1 and move all the Email addresses 1 position upwards, Now the #7 should be empty and you have to add you Paypal Email address in #7, Now it should look like this 


Now you have to copy this whole page and send it to 50 to 100 people and you can also advertise this text page in your Blog or Website like i have done, The more you share the more you gain, 50 To 100 is a good number of people that you can reach on the Internet or even more than that.

What will happen if you put your Paypal Email address in #7 Position and send it to 50 To 100 People???
  1. You at #7 send 50 Emails if 15% people respond = 6
  2. Those 6 people send 50 Emails=300 if 15% People respond =45, Now you are at #6
  3. Those 45 people send 50 Emails=2250 if 15% People respond=337, Now you are at #5
  4. Those 337 send 50 Emails =16850 if 15% people respond=2527, Now you are at #4
  5. Those 2527 send 50 Emails =126350 if 15% people respond =18952, Now you are at #3
  6. Those 18952 send 50 Emails=947600 if 15% people respond = 142140, Now you are at #2
  7. Those 142140 send 50 Emails= 7107000 if 15% people respond = 1066050, Now you are at #1 
Now you are getting paid $1 by Those 1066050 people, Isn't this easy? And there is no restrictions or limits to send Emails or advertise this page so it is not limited to 50 people, You can send it to more and more people and sky is the limit to your earnings

ADVICE: Follow the Instructions as given

You can also copy this page and put your Email address in #1 Position and directly you can get paid $1 from the people to whom you sent the emails BUT  
If you send 100 Emails and you get 15% response you will get only $15 in your Paypal account and that's all your #1 position will be removed by the people who paid you and they will move the Email addresses upwards and you will not get the benefits of the above mentioned Table Calculations.


  1. Pay $1 to the Email address at #1 Through Paypal ( Please be sure to mention in Add A Note as ''PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST'' )
  2. Copy this page and edit it with your Email address at #7 Position
  3. Send it to 50 To 100 people ( You can also create a Website or Blog and Copy Paste this page and advertise ) I have mentioned some Website and Blog creating sites and Traffic Exchanges below.
  4. Give it some time it takes 2 To 3 weeks to your Paypal Email address to move to #1 Position 
  5. Meanwhile you can do the same process again if you want more out of it.
This is a Universal system, Many people have become Rich using this System, You can also become one of them with THE ONE DOLLAR SYSTEM.

There is nothing to lose here other than $1 which is just half the price of a Starbucks coffee and a little of your time so think 10 times and start filling your Paypal Account.

This Proven System Has Two Purposes:
  1. It Creates a massive payment to you within 30 To 40 Days
  2. It Creates a huge list of Paypal buyers for you to promote your Products Too.

If The Person Who Sent Me This Page Can Do This, If I Can Do This, Definitely You Can Also Do This...... Believe In Yourself To Get Good Result
This is The Link Of This Page Note It Or Bookmark It For Your Reference


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